My Personal Experience With Synthol

I’ve used Synthol on two separate occasions and got nothing out of it as far as permanent growth goes. There is all of this talk about Synthol stretching the muscle fascia and allowing for more potential permanent growth, but I believe that is total bullshit. There is nothing about the product that has any growth properties to it, and all it does is swell the muscle up and put you in a decent amount of pain the entire time you’re using it. The only purpose this product has is to swell up a muscle and bring up a lagging body part for a competition on a higher level than what most people would even compete in. The bottles are these huge 100cc bottles of oil and I ran through 2-3 of them the last time I used it, and it yielded NOTHING permanent.

The thing about Synthol is if you space out your shots evenly and know what you’re doing with it, you can use it without your arm looking fake…to a point!! My arm still appeared hard and large until I got to putting 3cc’s in each site. At that point the arm looked so swollen you could tell something was in there.

Then it just became a maintenance deal where I’d drop a couple cc’s into my biceps and triceps a couple times per week. I had my wife inject my triceps for me in two different sites, and every time we would do the injections I’d make sure she aspirated the needle about three times before putting anything into my arm. If you inject this shit into a vein or artery you could die. The product is either going to be silica based or collagen based, and having this travel to your heart, lungs, or brain can kill you. The best case scenario is a stroke, pulmonary embolism, or heart attack that you eventually recover from. But death is very possible!!

Synthol in my opinion is not worth it. It’s a dangerous foreign substance that you don’t need to be putting in your body. I listened to all the hype about the muscle fascia stretching and permanent growth, and I knew not everyone who used Synthol looked like the few clowns online with 28 inch biceps. If I felt like it yielded anything permanent then I’d tell you guys, but unfortunately it doesn’t. I would go for trying to have a rock hard 17-18 inch arm over a soft 21 inch arm any day. Just to put things into perspective, in my 20 years of bodybuilding there has maybe been a FEW times I’ve seen someone in the gym with a hard bicep over 20 inches!!! Most guys with an arm this size have a soft arm. Even some professional bodybuilders have an arm that looks soft to me.

It’s not worth using Synthol to have a larger arm, and you won’t just use 1 bottle of it to try to accomplish this task. It’s going to take bottle upon bottle upon bottle of those 100cc bottles. That means your body is full of that dangerous substance and what’s even worse is trying to process it!! Your body is trying to rid itself of silica or collagen that is trapped in your muscles, NOT HEALTHY!!

I will not even share with you how to “properly use Synthol” in this post. If you’d like to use it then the best advice I could give you is to look up Synthol use online and follow the protocol showing you all the different injection sites you need to use on your biceps and the few sites to your triceps. This will only help you to the point of hopefully not having a morphed looking arm from not injecting all required sites.

I will not promote people destroying a good physique, or using oil with no muscle building properties or hormone to it. I’m not going to have you kill yourself for an extra 1 inch on your arms that will soon go away when you stop using the stuff.


Stay the hell away from it, and take it from someone who has been there and done it!! There are so many other good compounds or products you can take without wasting your money on Synthol.