There are certain steroids that work well alongside HRT. These steroids can be run for longer runs in lower dosages and can provide the user with a smooth and steady increase in lean body mass. These aren’t going to be big bang cycles such as your typical 8-12 week cycles, but they provide quality and can be run safely for longer durations. Cycling in this manner may appeal to a guy who doesn’t want increased side effects with higher dosages. Middle aged men who aren’t looking to pack on a lot more mass but would rather be lean and healthy, may opt for cycling in this manner as well. Veteran steroid users who have gained all of the size they’re going to get in their earlier years may also choose to run some of these longer, low dosed cycles.

The first compound I will talk about is Primobolan Depot. If you do your research on Primobolan online, you’re going to notice that most people say anything less than 400mg/ wk is basically a waste. This isn’t true if you’re running a longer cycle alongside testosterone replacement therapy. A cruising dosage of 200mg/wk alongside 200mg/wk of testosterone for a time frame of 20-25 weeks can yield excellent results with nothing but quality!! Side effects are basically non-existent and your routine blood work should not change to any significant degree, and this includes your hormone panel as well.

20 Week Primo/Test/Cialis Cruise

Weeks 1-20: standard 100-200mg/wk test replacement therapy, 200mg/wk Primobolan, ½mg Arimidex 3 times per week, HCG at 250iu 2 times/wk, Cialis at 5-10mg/day

Another compound that works well alongside TRT is Deca-Durabolin or the shorter version of Deca, Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (NPP). Dosing for Deca or NPP for a cruise cycle alongside TRT will be 100mg-200mg/wk. Honestly, even at 100mg/wk you will experience the joint improvement properties of Nandrolone and an increased sense of well-being. Believe it or not the standard dose for a lot of old time bodybuilders was nothing more than a 200mg shot of Deca once every 2 weeks!!

Remember, with Deca you’ll only need to inject once/wk but with NPP you’ll need to go twice/ wk. At this level of dosing, I don’t think I’d place any value on one over the other. NPP holds a little less water when dosing gets higher, but at something such as 100-200mg/wk, you can stay looking lean with a healthy diet and I wouldn’t even worry about this. Remember that Nandrolone has a tendency to elevate blood pressure, so those with BP issues may want to go with Primo instead of this one. But at only 100-200mg/wk of Deca, I still think 90% of men could control their blood pressure with this compound.

20 Week Deca/Test/Cialis Cruise

Weeks 1-20: standard 100-200mg/wk test replacement therapy, 100-200mg/wk DecaDurabolin, ½mg Arimidex 3 times/wk, HCG at 250iu 2 times/wk, Cialis at 5-10mg/day

Another compound that works well for longer runs is Equipoise. Equipoise (or EQ) can be run for longer durations just like Deca and Primo. EQ even at lower dosages can help with vascularity and pump and may cause an increase in appetite, which depending on who you are could be good or bad. I personally find EQ to be beneficial around 300mg/wk. It’s a slightly weaker compound than Deca is, and 300mg/wk is where I’d run it at alongside TRT. EQ can also elevate blood pressure so again, keep an eye on that and if you have issues or are already on BP meds, then I would steer clear of this altogether. EQ is also a bigger one for elevating red blood cell count, so if you’re going to use this then it’s a good idea to make sure you have your RBC’s in check. If you are regularly donating blood or are planning to donate blood as talked about earlier, just know that if your hemoglobin is too high, they won’t let you donate.

20 Week EQ/Test/Cialis Cruise

Weeks 1-20: standard 100-200mg/wk test replacement therapy, 300mg/wk EQ, ½mg Arimidex 3 times/wk, HCG at 250iu 2 times/wk, Cialis at 5-10mg/day.

Let’s talk about another compound here that is an interesting one to run for a longer cycle, and that is Masteron. This one is interesting in that it’s most commonly only run the last 6-8 weeks before a bodybuilding competition to bring about an increased level of hardness to the muscles, but it’s mild enough to run much longer if you are already lean!! Masteron is a great compound to run alongside TRT if you’re already very lean. I would not use this if you are not single digit body fat already, but if you’re looking to make some dramatic changes on very little, then 300mg/wk of Masteron alongside test replacement just may be the answer. This would be something I would do for the summer time. A good 20 week run of Masteron with a good diet and only 200mg/wk of testosterone can have you looking pretty damn good!!

The downside to this would be cost, as Masteron is going to be more money since it’s usually only dosed at 100mg/ml and you’d be taking 3cc’s per week. Also, injection frequency goes to 3 times/wk with Masteron. Some go every other day with it, but I have always gotten away with 3 times/wk. There also may be some shedding issues with the hairline, as Masteron is highly known for this. Usually I lose a little hair when I run Masteron, but it’s not until I get a good ways into the cycle.

20 Week Masteron/Test/Cialis Cruise

Weeks 1-20: standard 100-200mg/wk test replacement therapy, 300mg/wk Masteron (injected at 100mg/shot Mon/Wed/Fri), HCG at 250iu 2 times/wk, Cialis at 5-10mg/day

Optional – Arimidex at ½mg 3 times/wk (Masteron acts as its own anti-estrogen and the chances of estrogen related side effects are slim to none with this, but ½mg 3 times/wk won’t hurt anything). If hair-loss is a concern then look into running some finasteride with this cycle. I can’t comment much on this because I’ve never used it, but I do know research chem sites sell this online (liquid version) and it’s easily available.

The Perfect Oral to Run with HRT…Anavar!!!

Anavar just kicks ass, plain and simple. I’ve run Anavar more times than I could shake a stick at, and it’s a fantastic oral compound with minimal side effects. The only side effect I ever got from Anavar was a slightly upset stomach and it occasionally killed my appetite a bit. But this was on higher dosages in the 80-100mg/day range. Anavar is just about the only oral other than Proviron that I’d recommend using for longer durations than 4-6 weeks. A very safe dosage of Anavar for men would be right at 30-50mg/day if using for longer periods of time.

I would throw Anavar into any one of those cycles I’ve listed above at 30mg-50mg per day

for up to 12 weeks, no questions asked. Anavar can be pricey, but it’s a great addition to any cycle!! I don’t think I’d go as long as 20 weeks with it, but I would have no issues going 12 weeks with it. It shouldn’t throw liver values off too much at 30-50mg/day. You may notice slight elevations, but it’s nothing that you can’t improve once you come off and give it a month. You could even run only Anavar alongside your test replacement dosage and get some fantastic results.


Proviron is an excellent oral compound to run, but not very cost effective. The benefits of Proviron are an increased level of muscular hardness, increased level of libido, and overall it is a very mild oral compound that provides an excellent sense of well-being. The issue I’ve always had with using Proviron is that the cosmetic results didn’t become very noticeable until I got to 100mg/day. Commonly referred to as “the oral Masteron”, Proviron is just too expensive of a compound for me to run very often. The increased level of libido and muscle hardening effects are nice, but honestly nothing I couldn’t get with a little Cialis and a different hardening agent such as Anavar tabs or Masteron. If you’re going to use Proviron, 50mg/day is the minimum amount I’d suggest, while 75mg-100mg/day is much more efficient. For cosmetic purposes, you should use 75-100mg/day.

Now where Proviron beats out other compounds is the overall sense of well-being when you’re on it. I never felt that great on Anavar. I didn’t feel that bad, but I didn’t feel like superman either. Proviron gives you that “high on life” feeling. If you can afford it, try it out!! This is another oral compound that can be run out longer than the harsher compounds such as Anadrol, Dbol, or Halotestin. Cycles of 12 weeks are not uncommon with Proviron.

Every 4th Day Dosing

Another way I occasionally dose compounds is to go once every 4th day. I take a slightly higher amount than I’d use if going the standard 2 days per week injection schedule and I hit it every 4th day. So for example, if I was to inject on Monday then my next injection day would be Friday. It’s the day you inject, 3 days off in between, and injecting again the following day. So next week it would be Tuesday and Saturday, so on and so forth.

I might do something like 150mg of Primo every 4th day, or 125mg of Deca. I will load up my test in the same syringe as another compound and I will inject them every 4th day. When you’re on hormone replacement and you’re sticking yourself all the time on a regular basis, this is a nice way to find a happy medium between using just a little bang with your test, and not feeling like a pin cushion. This just allows you to go a little longer between injections while still getting the added benefit of another compound used in a moderate amount safely.

I know guys who do this with other compounds that are recommended at “a minimum of twice/wk”. They get away with it and have no issues, but these are older and very experienced individuals. I would never go every 4th day dosing if you’re new to a steroid that is recommended at 2-3 times/wk. It all depends on how you react to it. I can now run shit that is supposed to be taken every other day and hit it twice/wk and be fine. Yes, I still get great results. I believe the reason side effects are not as prevalent for me as many other guys is because I’m always running a long chain test and usually an aromatase inhibitor such as Arimidex or Aromasin, so sides such as estrogen fluctuation or the rise and fall of testosterone are pretty much kept at bay. I would only suggest every 4th day dosing if you’re more experienced.