How do you ship?

By Air Mail Registered. No couriers. You will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking code. The code is a proof of shipment and it’s not trackable online all the way to destination.

Which forms of payment do you accept?

Bitcoin ONLY.

How payment works?

Once you place the order you will get a BTC address and the exact amount you have got to send us.

Do you have other products? Can you source other stuff?

No, because we can only guarantee the quality of these brands. We stay away from obscure UG, Chinese brands and home-made stuff. We only sell pharma grade products. Also, we don’t sell opioids and stuff like Xanax, Oxycontin, Adderall, etc.

Your prices are a bit expensive

Our prices might be a little bit expensive but that is only because we deal with 100% original steroids. All the brands we work with have an holographic packaging with a double layer, peel-off verification code. You can verify the items authenticity online at the manufacturers’ websites.


Swiss Remedies

Magnus Pharmaceuticals


There are many websites that sell “generic steroids”. For example they create the testosterone in a labs which does not comply with medical regulations and then they package this product in a fake box of a well-known lab.

Do you have a pricelist for wholesale orders?

No, because we don’t do wholesale orders.

Do you offer free samples?


Where do you ship from?

From Poland

I need to start a bulking cycle. What do you recommend?

We currently are not offering advice, however we encourage you to check out our blog. You will find many answers to your questions

What happens if my order is seized by customs? Do you reship for free? Do you refund my money?

Our stealth packaging is done by a group of professionals with 9 years of experience. So we have never lost a package.

But there is ALWAYS a risk. Even if it is a 0.5%. And the risk is on you, as you are the importer. In case something unfortunate happens, we will reship at a discounted price and to a different address, BUT NOT FOR FREE. Also, there are NO REFUNDS, in any case. If you don’t agree with these terms, simply buy elsewhere. If you buy from us, YOU AGREE WITH THESE TERMS.

Why should I trust you? 

We are business men, if we cheat you, you leave a bad review of our company in a forum or other third-party website. We are not here to make a few bucks cheating people. We are here to make millions, and for that we have got to be focused on establishing a brand and a good reputation.

My order was shipped on this date and so far nothing has arrived. Can you do something? Where is my order?

There is nothing to do but waiting. You will receive the order or you will receive a letter from customs (depending on the country, this is not always the case). You may want to inquire at the post office using the tracking code we provide, but if the parcel hasn’t passed customs it’s not visible in the postal system network. In summary, once the order has been shipped we cannot do anything to track or retrieve it. Our part of the deal ends when we send you the tracking code as a proof of shipment. Whatever happens afterwards is in the hands of postal service/customs/God.

Are the items shipped in the original, sealed boxes?