Everything You Need To Know About Human Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) has gained much more popularity in the past 10 years than ever before. I can remember a time when everyone chalked up HGH as a waste of money, and something that should only be used by top ranked bodybuilders. Nowadays, everyone hypes HGH as if it was the holy grail of muscle building compounds. I’m here to tell you that what you get out of HGH depends on three major factors. The three factors are the legitimacy and quality, duration of use, and dosage amount.

Let’s first talk about the legitimacy of HGH. There is much more fake HGH floating around than real HGH. There are only a couple manufacturers of HGH in the world, and they sell their products to the different labs for resale. HGH costs a lot of money to manufacture, so usually even black market kits of HGH go for at least a few hundred dollars per kit. Pharmaceutical grade kits such as Norditropin or Humatropin will sell for more, at $600-$800 per kit. Now, let me share this much with you: the largest individuals I’ve ever met who were running HGH had no issues paying $600-$800 per kit of high quality HGH such as Humatrope or Norditropin. They understood the price was for the legitimacy of the product and it got them results. I would be very skeptical of the underground kits floating around these days. Right now the Riptropins are coming in as the highest ranked HGH as far as generics go. Rips are good to go, but definitely do your research on other brands of generic HGH. And remember: if the price seems too good to be true, it usually is.

The second factor that determines results with HGH is the duration of use. HGH takes a long time to see results from, usually a minimum of 12 weeks before seeing anything, and cycles should be no less than 20 weeks. This is one of those deals where the longer you’re on HGH, the better. This is due to short exposure times of HGH processing and IGF-1 exposure. HGH causes the liver to produce IGF-1, which is ultimately responsible for the effects from HGH. Well, the issue here is HGH works in pulses rather than a constant and steady release. This is why HGH takes so long to see anything from, it’s those repeated pulses that are necessary to see results. This is why splitting up your shots throughout the day is a wise idea, because more pulses mean better results. Splitting shots up can also alleviate side effects that HGH can cause.

The third factor that comes into play with results would be dosage. I’m going to tell you right now that unless you are using 4-6iu’s/day you won’t grow much from HGH. Anything under 4iu’s per day is more in the fat loss zone and anti-aging range, and then 4iu’s and beyond seems to be the range to use for growing.

Also keep in mind that with most generic HGH’s, under dosed vials are pretty normal now. So what you think is 4iu’s per day may only be 2-3iu’s per day. It can definitely be a crap shoot with HGH these days. Now pay close attention here to what I’m going to tell you. DO NOT GO TOO HIGH ON DOSAGE RIGHT AWAY!!! It takes time for your body to adjust to HGH and levels increased too quickly can cause side effects that you don’t want. I decided to jump from 4-5iu’s one week to 8iu’s the following week and I got sicker than a dog from it. I’m talking projectile vomiting, loss of appetite, and felt sicker than I’ve ever been in my life for about three or four days, and there is NOTHING YOU CAN DO to feel better when this happens.

It just needs to run its course and those levels need time to drop back down to a point that your body can handle. With HGH you want to start at about 2iu’s a day for a few weeks, then go to 3-4iu’s/day for another month, then maybe increase another iu per day the following couple weeks, etc.

Another thing about HGH that you need to know is it can knock your thyroid function down over time, and it can also cause hyperglycemia (high blood sugar). It’s a very good idea to start including small amounts of T-3 (thyroid hormone) in the equation once you get to 4iu’s/ day and beyond. 50mcg/day of T-3 is a good place to start. It’s also a good idea to include insulin when you start going beyond 3-4 months with HGH. The insulin will help counter the hyperglycemia HGH can cause, and including insulin can actually REDUCE the odds of becoming diabetic from prolonged HGH usage. Many think insulin use will make them diabetic, but it’s actually the opposite when on HGH.

The best way to run HGH is to blast and cruise as you would anabolic steroids. You dedicate a 12 week time frame to different goals, and you base your goals around your dosages. For example, let’s say you go 12 weeks at 6iu’s/day with 10iu’s/day of Novolog insulin and 50mcg/ day of T-3: the following 12 weeks you would be smart to back down to 2-3iu’s/day and cut out the insulin and T-3. Remember, we want to counter some of the negative effects here, but at the same time we don’t want our bodies totally reliant for good on the addition of these chemicals.

HGH loves testosterone!! HGH by itself is basically very weak in producing gains and even weaker in terms of strength gains, but with testosterone it works fantastically!! If you want to know what most professional bodybuilders are doing nowadays to get the massive growth they are getting, it’s high amounts of testosterone with HGH. Now, with that being said, the addition of HGH can also get you better results on lesser amounts as well. What I mean by that is you could take 500mg/wk of testosterone and look very good and defined while using HGH, much more so than just test alone. But one thing about HGH you need to understand is you will most likely get some water retention when you first begin HGH. But this subsides pretty quick, and in due time, fat starts melting off since HGH increases your metabolic rate, allowing you to eat more while losing fat as if you were dieting harder than you actually are.

HGH is great for anti-aging and feeling young again. The improved sleep is noticeable almost right away, and it improves the elasticity of the skin and helps wrinkles go away. I remember seeing a photo of myself one Xmas when I was on HGH, and I looked much younger in the face than I usually do. For myself, I would have to say 2iu’s per day of pharmaceutical grade HGH would be where it was at. This is simply because I’m pleased with my size already, and I’d be looking for more anti-aging and fat loss benefits from it than anything else.

I’m not going to sugar coat this one. Side effects from HGH can be downright nasty. You will notice that on some days you take off from HGH injections you’ll start to feel a lot better. I’m not speaking in terms of a fat loss or anti-aging dosage but the amount of HGH you’d need to inject to try and grow from.

Side effects of HGH may include:

• EXTREME lethargy (to the point of not being able to safely drive a car sometimes)

• Vomiting

• Uncontrollable burping

• Farts that would make a dog leave the room

• Sulfur taste in your throat from time to time

• Distended abdomen from intestinal growth

• Acromology (growth of skull and facial bones)

• Foot growth (it’s not uncommon to increase one shoe size)

• Hand growth and finger swelling

• Massive water retention (initially)

• Increased risk of muscle tearing/joint issues

• Organ growth

• Thicker skin

• Increased rate of tumor growth or cancer cell manifestation (if you have pre-cancer cells to begin with)

• General feeling of brain fog

I’m sure I’ve left a few of them out somewhere in there. Some people can handle HGH better than others. My best advice is to increase the amount VERY SLOWLY.

HGH Cycles


Weeks 1-4: 2iu/day HGH (taken in late evening), 500mg test (test enanthate, cyp, Sustanon, or blend), ½mg/day Arimidex

Weeks 5-8: 4iu/day HGH (split shots up, 2iu earlier in day, 2iu before bedtime), 500mg test, ½mg/day Arimidex

Weeks 9-12: 6iu/day HGH (split into 2 shots of 3iu, morning and night), 750mg test, ½mg/ day Arimidex, 5-10 iu/day Humalog, Humulin-R, or Novolog

Weeks 13-16: 8iu/day HGH, 5 days on/2 days off (split into 3 separate shots of 2iu, 3iu, 3iu, morning + afternoon + before bed), 1000mg/wk test, ½mg day Arimidex, 10-15 iu/day Humalog, Humulin-R, or Novolog

Weeks 17-20: 8iu/day HGH, 5 days on/2 days off (split into 3 separate shots of 2iu, 3iu, and 3iu, morning + afternoon + before bed), 1000mg/wk test, ½mg Arimidex daily, 1015iu/day Humalog, Humulin-R, or Novolog

When you take your insulin with this cycle you will take it just once post-workout in weeks 9-12, and then you’ll use it twice/day in weeks 13-16 and again in weeks 17-20. I recommend before breakfast and then again post-workout, or if you aren’t training that day then before dinner time.


(use at least 50mcg/day of T-3 when going over 4iu’s HGH Per Day)

Weeks 1-4: 2iu/day HGH, 200mg/wk Deca, 500mg/wk test (shot twice/wk), ½mg Arimidex 3 times/wk (Mon/Wed/Fri)

Weeks 5-8: 4iu/day HGH, 200mg/wk Deca, 750mg/wk test (shot twice/wk), ½mg Arimidex every day ***split HGH into 2 shots

Weeks 9-12: 6iu/day HGH, 200mg/wk Deca, 1000mg/wk test (shot 3 times/wk), ½mg every day Arimidex, 5-10iu/day of insulin taken post-workout or before dinner on non-training days, 50mcg/day T-3 ***split HGH into 2 shots

Weeks 13-16: 8iu/day HGH, 200mg/wk Deca, 1500mg/wk test (shot Mon-Fri at 300mg/ day), 1mg every day Arimidex, 10-15 iu/day insulin taken twice/day (i.e. 7iu before breakfast, 8iu post-workout), 75mcg/day T-3 ***split HGH into 3 separate shots of 2iu, 3iu, and 3iu, breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Weeks 17-20: 10iu/day HGH, 200mg/wk Deca, 1500mg/wk test (shot Mon-Fri at 300mg/ day), 1mg every day Arimidex, 20iu insulin per day (split into 2 separate shots of 10iu pre breakfast, and either post-workout or before dinner), 100mcg/day T-3

Weeks 21-22: 2500 iu/wk HCG, 1mg/day Arimidex Weeks 23-25: 150mg/day Clomid days 1-3, 100mg/day Clomid days 4-10, 50mg/day Clomid days 11-20, drop to ½mg/day Arimidex during this time

Know your stuff about insulin before doing this!!! Insulin can kill you fast if you don’t know about it!!!

***You can follow this cycle protocol with HGH to grow with it. Other compounds can fill in for the Deca if you wish. I would run compounds that are safer to use long term, such as EQ, Primo, or Masteron. If you use something harsher such as tren, I’d just limit it to the first or second 10 weeks of the cycle, but not the entire time!!! It’s not necessary to use any more compounds here; keep it simple and effective!! Test is really what HGH wants here and there is no reason to be using a ton of other products.


In this cycle you will be using HGH to cut with and therefore you want to lose the insulin (insulin promotes more fat gain). This would be a cutting cycle as if you were preparing for a bodybuilding competition. You want to drop your HGH about 4 weeks out from the show, as it does hold some degree of water.

24 weeks out from competition to 20 weeks out: 2iu/day HGH (5 days on/2 off), 500mg/wk test enanthate, ½mg every day Arimidex 19 weeks out to 16 weeks out: 2iu/day HGH (5 days on/2 off), 500 mg/wk test enanthate, ½mg every day Arimidex 15 weeks out to 12 weeks out: 4iu/day HGH (5 days on/2 off), 500mg/wk test enanthate, ½mg every day Arimidex

11 weeks out to 8 weeks out: 4iu/day HGH (5 on/2 off), 500mg/wk test enanthate, 300mg/wk tren, ½mg every day Arimidex

7 weeks out to 4 weeks out: 4iu/day HGH (5 on/2 off), 500mg/wk test prop, 300mg/wk tren, 300-500mg/wk Masteron, 300mg/wk Winstrol, ½mg every day Arimidex

3 weeks out to showtime: drop the HGH, run your test prop at 500mg/wk and drop at 10-14 days out, continue to use Masteron at 500mg/wk straight to showtime, bump Arimidex to 1mg every day, continue on Winstrol at 300mg/wk right into show

***Take note that at the 7-8 week out mark we will be switching to test prop and beginning Masteron and Winstrol!!

So do I think that taking HGH is worth it?

Well, it all depends on who you are and what you’re using it for. For someone who is financially set and over the age of 40 years old, if it’s legitimate HGH that is taken at a fat loss/anti-aging dosage,then yes, I think HGH is well worth it. For a kid in his 20’s who’s trying to grow with HGH by dumping all of his money into it and taking amounts that cause gut distension and acromology? Nah, I don’t think it’s worth it at all. HGH can ruin a really nice body if you’re not careful. Some of the effects of HGH aren’t exactly reversible, and you don’t want a nice, tight waist, to go to hell in a hand basket just because you wanted another 20 lbs of muscle mass. If you take too much HGH it can make you appear blocky and really take away from your aesthetics. Does HGH work well? Yes it does, if it’s real!! But HGH, in my own personal opinion, is certainly not the holy grail of bodybuilding or the end-all-be-all of performance enhancement.