The cycles in this post are strictly for experienced users who respond well to higher dosages of steroids and peptides. Admittedly, these are not dosages I myself use, due to the fact that I don’t believe that more is always better, I’m not trying to become a professional bodybuilder, and I cannot spend the money needed to run these types of cycles, even if I wanted to.

You’ll see that ancillary compounds are at higher dosages for added safety. If you’re reading this post then you should know by now what cycles to put together on your own. You should know how to tweak something to fit your individual needs as well. These cycles are layouts and to be used as templates. There is no perfect cycle. If you want to follow these advanced cycles exactly as laid out, then be my guest. If you need to tweak them a bit, feel free. Maybe you need to use 1 ampoule/day rather than 1500mg/wk out of a vial? Then go with 1 amp/day instead. You get the idea right? These cycles are geared more towards building size. There is no reason to use 1500mg/wk of Winstrol, or 2000mg/wk of Masteron. These cycles are built upon more basic building blocks of raw size: testosterone, HGH, and insulin. A guy using one of these cycles is probably already on hormone replacement, and if he’s not, he’s cruising in that direction when these cycles are done with. Be smart…be safe!!!

***NOTE An ampoule is a sealed glass vial usually containing the premeasured amount equivalent of one dose of a steroid injection.

***OPENING AMPOULES It’s easiest to open an ampoule by purchasing either an ampoule opener or scoring the top of the amp with a kitchen knife and then quickly snapping off the top. Just take a few swipes with a kitchen knife and then grab the very top and snap it off quickly. Oftentimes there are small colored dots near the top of the ampoule, and that is where you want to make your scour.


Weeks 1-12: 250mg/day Sustanon, 1000mg/wk EQ, 1mg/day Arimidex

Weeks 1-4: 3-4iu/day HGH, 20iu/day insulin (split up into twice/day shots: morning and post-workout or pre-dinner on off days)

Weeks 5-8: 4-6iu/day HGH, discontinue insulin, use 2500iu/week HCG (split twice per week at 1250 iu/shot) for weeks 7-8 (so total for the two weeks 5000iu HCG)

Weeks 9-12: 8-10iu/day HGH, 20iu/day insulin (same protocol as above or if you’re experienced you can use pre-workout instead of post-workout)

After 12 weeks you will cut back to a bridge cycle of some sort and drop to 4-6iu/day of HGH until week 20. I would possibly use insulin again on weeks 17-20, but something lower dosed such as 10iu/day post-workout, or pre-workout for the experienced. During this time you will use HCG at 500iu/week (dosed twice per week at 250iu/shot) for the remainder of the cycle.

Examples of a good bridge: 250mg/wk test, 50-75mg/day Proviron OR 250mg/wk test, 200mg/ wk of Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (otherwise called NPP or “fast acting Deca”) OR 250mg/ wk of test, 300mg/wk Equipoise (boldenone undecylenate)

Test Enanthate/Tren/IGF-1 LR3/Anadrol

Weeks 1-12: 1500mg/wk test enanthate Weeks 1-3: 100mg/day Anadrol

Weeks 1-3: 100mg/day Anadrol

Weeks 1-10: 600mg/wk trenbolone acetate

***IGF-1 LR3 is to be used at 100mcg/day on training days only weeks 1-8

***Arimidex is to be used at 1mg/day throughout cycle!!!

***HCG is used at 250iu 3 times/wk throughout cycle

20 Week Primobolan Run

This is something I would definitely do if I had the extra cash. You run Primobolan Depot at 1000mg/wk for 20 weeks straight, and keep your test on the lower side (around 200-300mg/ wk). Although not necessary for 90% of guys, you can add Arimidex in at ½mg 3 times/wk if you wish. You may want to add it in just in case your Primo was faked with EQ. I would only suggest a legitimate Primo source. No other compounds needed here, a gram/wk of Primo should build nothing but quality results over the course of 20 weeks!!!!


Weeks 1-6: 4iu/day HGH, 20iu/day Lantus, 20iu/day Novolog, 1500mg/wk test enanthate, 600mg/wk tren, 1mg/day Arimidex

Weeks 7-12: drop insulin, continue on trenbolone and test, 1mg/day Arimidex, take HGH to 4-6iu/day, 1mg/day Arimidex, start T-3 at 50mcg/day

Weeks 13-17: 30iu/day Lantus, 20iu/day Novolog, drop test to 750mg/wk, HGH is at 8-10iu/day, drop tren, drop Arimidex to ½ mg day, increase T-3 to 75-100mcg/day

Weeks 18-20: back HGH down to 3-4iu/day, test dropped to 500mg/wk, drop insulin, Arimidex continued at ½mg everyday, drop T-3

***HCG is used at 250iu 3 times/wk throughout cycle

CJC-1293(or 1295 without DAC)/GHRP-2/Test/Tren

Weeks 1-12: 300mcg/day CJC + 300mcg/day GHRP-2, 1500mg/wk test enanthate

Weeks 1-10: 600mg/wk tren

***Arimidex used at 1mg/day throughout

***HCG used at 250iu 3x/wk throughout

HGH/IGF-1 LR3/Novolog/Test/NPP

Weeks 1-6: 3-4iu/day HGH, 50mcg/day IGF-1 LR3 (training days only), 1500mg/wk test enanthate, 4-600mg/wk NPP, 1mg/day Arimidex

Weeks 7-12: 4-6iu/day HGH, drop IGF-1 LR3, continue on 4-600mg/wk NPP + 1500mg/wk test, begin using T-3 at 50mcg/day, begin Novolog at 20iu/day (taken twice/day at 10iu/ each, morning and post-workout), stay on 1mg/day Arimidex

Weeks 13-16: Begin IGF-1 LR3 again at 100mcg/day on training days only, HGH at 4-6iu/day, drop T-3, drop NPP, lower test to 750mg/wk, lower Arimidex to ½ mg/day, discontinue insulin

Weeks 17-20: Increase HGH to 8-10iu/day, begin T-3 again at 100mcg/day, continue on test at 750mg/wk, begin Novolog again at 30iu/day (10iu per shot taken 3 times/day), drop IGF-1 LR3

***HCG used at 250iu 3 times/wk throughout


Weeks 1-12: 1500mg/wk test Weeks 1-3: 100mg/day Anadrol Weeks 1-6: 600mg/wk tren Weeks 1-6: 4iu/day HGH, no insulin yet

Weeks 7-12: 6-8iu/day HGH, 20-30iu/day Novolog or Humalog, 75mcg/day T-3 Weeks 9-11: begin Anadrol again at 100mg/day for 3 weeks

Weeks 12-18: start tren again at 600mg/wk, increase HGH to 12-15iu/day, increase T-3 to 100-150mcg/day, lower test to 750mg/wk, stay on insulin at 20-30iu/day

Weeks 18-20: Anadrol is started again at 100mg/day for remaining 3 weeks of the cycle Weeks 19-20: test stays at 750mg/wk

***Arimidex is 1mg/day throughout

***HCG is 100iu 3x/wk throughout

I know that is a hell of a layout, but to sum it up: the Anadrol is used at three separate 3 week intervals throughout. The tren is used at two separate intervals during the cycle. The addition of T-3 is used when the HGH dosage is increased beyond 4iu’s/day to keep thyroid function under control. The use of insulin is necessary when HGH is taken higher, and although I don’t normally recommend insulin for more than a 4-6 week interval, it’s necessary with the amount of HGH in this cycle. The T-3 is also necessary with the amount of HGH in the cycle. The test is cut in half from week 12-20 simply for the fact that I don’t need anyone to be reliant on more test as even maintenance, so we don’t want to get too used to 1500mg/wk forever, not to mention potential water weight. I could see gains of up to 40 lbs on this cycle. FOR ADVANCED USERS ONLY!!!