about us

We are 2 Mexican body builders and digital nomads, we are currently based in. Poland from where we manage our company : EsteroidesAnabolicos.org

We initially started this website for our Spanish audience, hence the name of the domain, however we quickly started getting a very good reputation among English speaking countries (mainly the States and Europe). We reached a point were 95% of our customer base belonged to the States or Europe, that is when we decided to change our marketing and translate all the content from Spanish to English


All our orders are dispatched from Poland and we only work with pharma-grade steroids from the best brands.

Our prices might be a little bit expensive but that is only because we deal with 100% original steroids. All the brands we work with have an holographic packaging with a double layer, peel-off verification code. You can verify the items authenticity online at the manufacturers’ websites.


Swiss Remedies

Magnus Pharmaceuticals


There are many websites that sell “generic steroids”. For example they create the testosterone in a labs which does not comply with medical regulations and then they package this product in a fake box of a well-known lab.

All products are shipped in their original, sealed packages. No more loose pills and re-packaged items. This should be particularly interesting to re-sellers, as sealed items fetch higher prices.


Please read the FAQ and Terms & Conditions pages BEFORE you place an order. Be smart and read all the terms, in order to make an informed and wise decision.

For further inquiries, feel free to send me an email at: steroidstemple@protonmail.com